Sometimes it’s not about what you know


   When I opened my store in April 2022 never did I envision that we would  be launching the third part of our brand with a Beauty vending machine. I tell people the growth of my business was not from extra hard work, but from good rapport that I carried with people in the business industry in the Twin Cities.

    My business mentor Angel Evans from Led by Truth, an amazing nonprofit organization that helps thriving entrepreneurs, create business plans and goals for their businesses helped this vision come to life. When I thought about the vending machine, I thought about large corporate businesses like the Minneapolis airport to put them in. As I spoke with her she suggested I start small and reach out to other community businesses like The Coven Saint Paul. The Coven is a diverse co-working space for all that is thriving in the Twin Cities with multiple locations and recently announced turning into a franchise. So when she mentioned this vessel, I didn’t really believe that I would be able to collaborate with them. After one short email, I was invited to The Coven. After the meeting I was given r he opportunity to house my first vending machine with no problem. I was truly shocked and honored!

   Now I’m not quite sure what made them want to give me this opportunity, but I do know that this would have never came into fruition if it wasn’t for my business mentor Angel.

  So back to the saying it’s not about what you know, but who you know….It’s always a blessing to have strong minded people guiding you on your entrepreneurship journey. You should never be the smartest one on your team or in your circle. 


Led By Truth

The Coven St.Paul

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